Leonar3Do is used in different areas of the health care industry, such as in dental implant design or in facial reconstruction. A professional can view the injured and the normal (original) skull in true 3D mode and change between them in a second, enabling him/her a better and quicker understanding and work. In education, medical students need to learn extremely complex curricula, which can be made easier by showing for example organs in 3D space, instead of textbooks. Students can grab any organ of the human body with Leonar3Do’s 3D Bird, and pull them out of the body, to be shown, illustrated and learned with ease.

Dr. Tamas Vizkelety of Semmelweis University Budapest noted: “Besides being a fantastic tool for my daily routine as a doctor specialized in facial reconstruction, it is the best illustrational tool I have ever come across. In addition it is a tool which has the greatest potential that every important element and step of the curriculum I teach can be shown and be practiced easily and realistically with a Leonar3Do to and by my students.”

Commercially not yet available