Education - The engagining learning environment

The complete Virtual Reality desktop solution enables intuitive, real-time interactions that are responsive to users’ actions and displays the most realistic 3D objects and full virtual environments. Use the best education 3D VR solution and the world’s largest 3D education object library EON Experience with Leonar3Do’s cost effective and revolutionary hardware. Give your students the thrill of 3D and enhace their learning with 3D contents. You can obtain free preloaded content or create your own without any programming skills.

3D Design -

Leopoly, the easiest 3D modeling and crowd sculpting tool is available in a real immersive 3D mode. You can further improve the simplicity and intuitiveness of 3D design process with Leonar3Do hardware. Design in virtual space, like working on a holographic clay in front of your 3D display. It gives you an intuitive and fun design experience with a whole new perspective never seen before. You can learn to be a sculptor in matter of minutes, rather than month like with traditional software packages… and have a lot of fun with the Virtual Clay! is compatible with the Leonar3Do Hardware Kit, which lets you break out of the 2D and work in virtual space using head tracked glasses and the Bird, the firts 3D mouse.


Presentation -

Amaze your Audience with LeoConf

LeoConf software is the multi-personal presentation version of Leonar3Do. Things displayed and controlled in space by the user of any product powered by Leonar3Do can be displayed in real time to the audience with the help of an additional native 3D display – 3D TV / 3D projector / 3D monitor – just like in a 3D movie theatre. LeoConf is suitable for making real time 3D demonstrations, presentations even for hundreds of people, all wearing 3D glasses.

Virtual Training -

Real like and cost effective VR solution developed by Diginext. As a French software company specialized in Virtual Reality solutions for Simulation and Training, one of their market-leading products is a welding training system, called CS WAVE, which provides training, practice and assessment based on welding motion fully based on a Leonar3Do kit. Students can learn the fine details of welding in a very cost effective way, and in practicly any environment.

health care

Healthcare -

Leonar3Do is used in different areas of the health care industry, such as in dental implant design or in facial reconstruction. A professional can view the injured and the normal (original) skull in true 3D mode and change between them in a second, enabling him/her a better and quicker understanding and work. In education, medical students need to learn extremely complex curricula, which can be made easier by showing for example organs in 3D space, instead of textbooks. Students can grab any organ of the human body with Leonar3Do’s 3D Bird, and pull them out of the body, to be shown, illustrated and learned with ease.