Project name: LEDU

Project number: EUREKA_HU_12-1-2012-0022

Amount of the subsidy: 67.089.848 HUF

Recipients: HUNG R&D Nonprofit Ltd. and Leonar3Do International INC.


We gained positive judgement on an international tender called EUREKA 2012 with a project named LEDU.

We applied for a project funding in a consortial form, on an international tender. One of the partner is the HUNG R&D Nonprofit Ltd. and our foreign partner is GeoGebra Austria Institut.

The duration of the development is 18 months. The end product is an educational tool that enables users to construct and design various objects, like printed circuits, work processes, machines etc. in a virtual world, with virtual tools. This way of learning is much more efficient than using real material, not mentioning the probable accidents that may be avoided in a virtual work environment. This way of learning does not substitute the usage of real tools, all trainees must be able to handle real material and tools. See more details on the following link: http://www.eurekanetwork.org/project/-/id/8027