Smartphone 3DMouse SDK

Turns your Android or iPhone into a replacement for the Bird.

Turn any smartphone into a 3D mouse. Create 3D interactivity for free using Leonar3Do SDK or Unity. Controrl your game  with your phone in real space and in stereo or 3D, or just simply use the phone as a custom skin remote controller. Available for Apple and Android platforms. Developer verison is available to download now!
Develop, launch and earn money!

Our proprietary solution utilizes all devices integrated into a smratphone, including the camera to provide a callibrated X,Z,Z position in front of a large 3D TV or a simple 3D monitor.

Your hardware solution can not be any cheaper… the user does not pay for the smartphone app. Noone can beat the cost of a Zero Dollar hardware!

Download the iPhone smartphone app from here.

App Store download

Download the Android Smartphone App from here.

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Make sure you have the system software downloaded to your PC as well.