Custom Hardware Development Kit

Make Your Custom 3D Wand

Want to have your own tailor made hardware with a VR technology? With our hardware SDK you can enjoy the benefits of the best and most cost effective VR solution also used in Leonar3Do Hardware kit.

We provide the 3D position Sensors and the Headtracking device that can be attached to any 3D glass or HMD and the Wireless  “motherboard” for “Your 3D Wand”. You can use our SDK, build buttons, LEDs, joysticks and other devices on it and package it to your custom made “Wand Cover”.  You can create Your Idea in a matter of days. Developments kits are on pre-order now, scheduled to ship in October 2013.

Come and create your 3D Wand with us!

The technology enables you to create an absolute positioner wit or without a battery. The device weight could be nominal, below 50 gramms is very much possible! The sensors can work with large distances, you can plan on using a 65 inch 3D TV as a dispaly…. What a 3D feeling that could provide to your application!

The headtracker is less 40 gramms, like a Mobile Headset… or even less. With this, you create the full VR experience for your users, as they move their heads, they can get your software to modify the image accordingly. Using EON Studio or even Unity3D, where we provide the plugins for our hardware devices.

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Leonar3Do Hardware SDK is coming soon