Application Development

Create Your Dream Interactive 3D Software

Develop your own solution powered by Leonar3Do hardware kit using our SDK, unity or EON creator or EON Studio.

Adding the VR feeling to a 3D application enhances the user experiance so much, that it feels like you have stepped into a new world.
For you as a developer of software of any kind from industrial to educational appliactions or games, Leonar3Do hardware kit offers the possibility to add the real life like feeling for a fraction of the cost of other solutions, like caves.

We provide multiple options for our development community. You can work with our direct SDK, where you can use the Bird (our 3D mouse) and the headtracking galsses and develop your own code using webGl, OpenGL, C++. Or you can choose to link it to your existing software packagaes. Part of our solution package is a Free tool, trhat you can use to record or display an augmented reality vison, what the user sees in the virtual reality world.

In addition you can use this on 3D TVs or 3D projectors, so if you are working with larger audeinces, like in education… it is the right solution for you.


Should you wish to use our solution witb Unity, we provide a free Unity Plugin that takes care of the Stereo Vision handling the 3D Mouse and the headtracking functionality. The SDK comes witha full description and sample codes. As per experiance, you can put some cool game together in a few hours.


For our development community, we provide hanrdware kits in a special price, that also includes developer support in a unlimited fashion in email form, and some consultation hours… of course our aim is hat you get your deliverable done… so just feel free to ask questions, and request improvements on our SDK… we will do our best to deliver as soon as possible.


There are wast more things you should learn, so we maintain a Wiki Site for our developers, and share detailed information.