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Make a difference and let’s find together new solutions for challenges of the 21st century! Or just have fun… Leonar3Do technology is the easiest way to enter a new dimension of real immersive 3D interaction and create VR solutions! We believe that spatial thinking can bring solutions in many industries’ challenges and improve personal well being; and working in a virtual space environment is simply just more fun. Enjoy the benefits of VR, discover our technology and let us know how we can help you!

Application Development SDK

Application Development - Create Your Dream Interactive 3D Software

Develop your own solution powered by Leonar3Do hardware kit using our SDK, unity or EON creator or EON Studio.

Adding the VR feeling to a 3D application enhances the user experiance so much, that it feels like you have stepped into a new world.
For you as a developer of software of any kind from industrial to educational appliactions or games, Leonar3Do hardware kit offers the possibility to add the real life like feeling for a fraction of the cost of other solutions, like caves.

Leo_Custom Hardware product

Custom Hardware Development Kit - Make Your Custom 3D Wand

Want to have your own tailor made hardware with a VR technology? With our hardware SDK you can enjoy the benefits of the best and most cost effective VR solution also used in Leonar3Do Hardware kit.

We provide the 3D position Sensors and the Headtracking device that can be attached to any 3D glass or HMD and the Wireless “motherboard” for “Your 3D Wand”. You can use our SDK, build buttons, LEDs, joysticks and other devices on it and package it to your custom made “Wand Cover”. You can create Your Idea in a matter of days. Developments kits are on pre-order now, scheduled to ship in October 2013.

Come and create your 3D Wand with us!

System Integration - White Label Products

Have your own branded VR solution. Develop your application, use our Hardware and use your own brand to sell it. We provide the proven hardware technology, that is used in many fields now, from healthcare, through education to 3D design…. If you wish to create your custom branded hardware, the Leonar3Do kit a very cost effective solution to you. With our clever packaging design you get the brand recognition you want, get a proven technology with support… and save at the same time.

Smartphone 3DMouse SDK - Turns your Android or iPhone into a replacement for the Bird.

Turn any smartphone into a 3D mouse. Create 3D interactivity for free using Leonar3Do SDK or Unity. Controrl your game with your phone in real space and in stereo or 3D, or just simply use the phone as a custom skin remote controller. Available for Apple and Android platforms. Developer verison is available to download now!
Develop, launch and earn money!