About Us


We change the way you interact with your computer

The concept of Leonar3Do is rooted in design. The original intention was to break with the 2D approach in which all designing methods are rooted (the paper and pencil paradigm), replacing it with a three dimensional creative environment – to realize the old dream of being able to visualize in real space the designs that we have see in our minds. We aim to revolutionalize innovation itself, and so decided to dedicate our platform to the greatest innovator of all – Leonardo da Vinci. Hence Leonar3Do – virtual reality for all


May 2005, Arizona, PX – Young inventor Daniel Rátai and his Leonar3Do project rake up six first prize awards at Intel’s ISEF, the world’s largest international pre-college science competition, including the Best of Category in Computer Sciences and the Best of The Best awards. In addition, it offered Daniel with the opportunity to give a lecture in Stockholm at a seminar organized by SIYSS and to attend the Nobel Prize Ceremonies of 2005. One widely quoted jury member comment was “World leading companies and research institutes spend billions of dollars on solving a problem, when a 19-year old teenager comes by and puts the system together using straws, Christmas lights, and fence wires.”

3D for All Ltd. was founded shortly after the Phoenix event as a family business and succeded by 2010 to turn Daniel’s invention into a finished product, and began manufacturing the Leonar3Do VR kits. The first prototype products entered the international market late 2010.

What’s next – where we are heading to:

We continously developing and improving the capabilities of our hardware kit and launching new SDK apps in 2013 in order to enable developers and industries to benefit from 3D technology. We hope more and more of you will use Leonar3Do and will think and work in 3D just in real life. We are also looking for further partnerships to introduce immersive 3D in new industries.