Leonar3Do at the 2nd SEE Science Festival

The Team SEE Science partnership includes 18 partners from seven SEE countries offering a wide geographical coverage of SEE and a mix of public, education & business sectors that reflects project objectives in terms of competences. The 2nd SEE Science Festival, which was implemented within this framework, surely tries to adopt the joint defined aim of SEE Science Festivals. Namely, the main aim is to raise public awareness regarding science, innovation and technology linked to the objectives of SEE Science project. The Festival took place at The Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts “MODEM”, in Debrecen (Hungary) at the 22nd of March. It was intended to create a more inclusive environment and make innovation more accessible to the wider public. The Festival provided a platform for young people and their families to explore different aspects of innovation through “learning by doing” activities. Almost 4000 visitor took part in the SEE Science Festival.

The Head of Physics Department at University of Debrecen asked two of their students to represent Leonar3Do at the Festival. Monika and Mariann participated with their own Leonar3Do kits, which they have won at the Vimensio Mobile Weekend competition. During the whole Festival, thanks to the great interest, they could not leave their stand, even not for a moment. Not only the children were fascinated, but the grownups also found it engaging. While the children immersed in the LeoBang software, mature audience could dissect and analyze the prefabricated virtual crystal models and interact with the LeoWorld software. We can proudly say, the girls have received loads of positive feedbacks and recognition from national and foreign visitors also. We hope Leonar3Do will achieve a same great success at Researcher’s Night.

03. Apr. 2013